These are some of the tasks I am providing, but please do not hesitate to contact me even if you have other plans or ideas.


Homestyling / Home Staging:

If you are going to sell or rent out your apartment, I can help you to style it so it will be displayed in the best way, which may give you an increased income of 10-20% of the total.

If you need to update your photos of your premises, hotel, hostel, room, etc. I can help you to arrange the areas and rooms in an inviting and attractive way so it will increase the interest and you will get more clients.

Have you just moved in to a new home but are not sure on how to design and decorate it? I can help you to put your needs and wants together with functionality, atmosphere and decoration .

Do you want to decorate your home but don't know where to start? I can give you the basic ideas of homestyling when it comes to choosing the right colors, different styles and functionality to help you get started.


Interior - Public

I can perform many different type of interiors within various public places such as offices, restaurants, hotels, shops, showrooms, exhibition stands etc.
The extent of the the assignments vary and are always based on a quote based on the needs of your specific premises/areas.