Living Inspiration



Why Living Inspiration:

There are two reasons for creating this page

  1. I can help you to create your flat, office, Store etc in the way you want to have it. To lift the best of what you have, to create the functions needed and the mood that fits the lifestyle you want to have. 
  2. Or if you just need some inspiration to get started to create your own dream environment.
How does the process look like if you want my consultation:
You tell me your needs, no matter if it is a small or huge probelm you have, I will also ask you question about you needs, your style, and what your goal is with your change. 
Next step will be to give you a price based on your needs, with some different price ranges to choose between. I will then design a soulution that I will present to you with a mood board and suggiestions for you to get the right environment for the area, and if you want I can also do the changes needed with my team. You choose how much you want to use my knowledge.
feel free to get inspired on my blogg were I give advise, and share my thoughts about home styling, design, trends etc at